Existing R&D Capabilities and Achievements

Jiangsu Marvegrass Co., Ltd has been committed to the research and development of advanced technologies in the industry, has a high-quality technical team and has developed joint research projects with well-known universities, and has achieved a series of excellent scientific and technological achievements. The development of the industry has played a positive role. In the development of functional grass yarn, we have made great progress in terms of wear resistance, UV-stability, softness and the diversity of yarn shape. In the modification of glue formula, especially in environmental protection. The company launches ten internal research projects each year and sets up professional contribution awards at different levels through internal competition optimization group. This method has achieved good results for the company’s research and development breakthrough.

R&D and testing facilities: See pictures and instructions
Pilot development: Small prototype: pictures and description

Quality Assurance

We know that quality is the most important for customers, so we will provide high-quality products as our commitment to customers, we must do better than others in the whole process of product production.

Quality Management Mode

Quality control of raw material supply:

open up the quality assurance system of suppliers and companies to ensure quality stability;

Quality control of production process:

self-inspection is the main responsibility, and each process is responsible for itself;

Finished product inspection:

Full inspection mode, no unreliable;

Shipment inspection:

Checklist proofreading, responsible for customers

Lean Manufacturing

We know that the competition in the artificial turf industry relies on providing customers with high-quality products and quick delivery services. Ultimately it is reflected in the comprehensive capabilities of the manufacturing side. It is an advanced equipment + stable mechanic team + reliable efficient integration of process + lean production management. Jiangsu Marvegrass Co., Ltd has made improvement of manufacturing capacity as our priority. Over the years the company has introduced and trained a group of professional and experienced production management talents and a stable industrial technician team.

  1. The complete turf production chain: ingredients – drawing – twisting – tufting weaving – adhesive – finishing
  2. Lean production process:The company has a team of new and skilled process engineers to ensure continuous improvement from process development to process technology standard setting, process execution inspection and process improvement.
  3. Advanced equipment + equipment team: artificial turf is an emerging industry. At present, the industry equipment is still in rapid change. In addition to the continuous introduction of new advanced equipment, the company has an experienced professional with equipment development capability. Technicians can provide stable and efficient equipment support for enterprises, and provide more power for new product development and capacity improvement.

  4. More than 70% of the current production line workers are excellent technicians with more than 5 years of experience, among them senior technicians are more than 10%. The stable and active team is the guarantee of efficiency and quality.

  5. 5S is the foundation of the company’s on-site management. Pulling system combined with data management is an important method of producing lean management. High-standard on-site management provides employees with a safe and comfortable working environment and promotes the improvement of production quality.